People reporting random freezes on iPhone 5s iOS 7.1.1

ios 7.1.1 freezing issues complaints problems

Although iOS 7.1.1 update brings huge battery improvements.  Many people are reporting random freezes with apps like Facebook.

Doing a restore can possibly fix this freezing issue.  Some people even reported inaccurate battery percentage requiring restore.

The Daily Mail UK has also reported on users complaining about the latest update that Apple has pushed out.


  • Apple pushed out the iOS 7.1.1 software update earlier this week
  • Users have been complaining that the update has ‘bricked’ their phone – a term used to describe a phone that won’t switch on
  • Many claim they’ve had to resort to a complete restore; losing all their data
  • The issue appears to be occur when the update is carried out wirelessly
  • Apple has not commented on the reports, but advises people to backup their phone before every update