People reporting iPhone 6 battery life issues

It is not a surprise to me that people would be complaining about the battery life in the iPhone 6 Plus being horrible.  This kind of thing has happened in the past where Apple releases a new iOS version or a new iPhone.  Personally I think it is an issue with Apple not doing enough quality control before releasing it.   I haven’t heard of anyone complaining about the Note 3 battery life but we will see what people say about the Note 4.

batttery life ios 8 fix

  • You can do the following things to increase battery life in iOS 8.
  • Turn off GPS
  • Turn off Bluetooth if you don’t use it.
  • Turn off Wifi if you are not using it.
  • Change your display settings.  A bigger screen on the iPhone 6 Plus will eat up battery fast because the number 1 battery drainer in any big screen phone is the screen itself.

The good news is that iOS 8 tells you what apps are draining your phones battery.  This feature though takes a while to calculate battery drain since it needs a date to draw from.