People on linkedin working with fake Almeda University Degree

people using fake degrees

It is hard to believe that people can actually be working for real employers with fake credentials.  Almeda University is one of the longest running fake Universities that allows people to buy a degree based on Life experience alone.   Almeda degrees are priced around $500 and while it is good to hear about real police officers being fired over the use of these fake degrees (story here ), it appears a lot of people are using fake degrees without being fired.

I was looking through for people using Almeda University and Suffield University (Suffield no longer existing).  What shocked me was that there are people working in positions like “Director of Human Resources” using a fake Suffield University degree and there was even a Doctor on Linkedin that is claiming the title “Medical Doctor” (M. D. at NBCUniversal, Inc.)  working at NBC Universal, all with a “Life Experience” Almeda degree.

The question that immediately comes to my mind is do employers even take the time to deeply investigate applicants before just hiring them.  You can even see for yourself just how many people are working at professional jobs with fake degrees by doing a Google search like “almeda university” or “Suffield University”

Here are Google search results for real people working with fake degrees right now.

-Osman Musa