Now Vine in HD Picture Quality!

Good news! Now you can make your vines in HD result as the Vine has brought another option for Viners in shape of 720p video quality. Everyone has a mobile with camera (video camera probably!) and love to make different kind of videos. If you’re on Twitter then you must have heard (or seen) about Vines that people make to interact in more advanced way with each other. (Remember? That muted video clip of 2 to 15 seconds!) Back on 27th of March, Mike Kaplinskiy (Project Manager at Vine) announced this new feature in his recent blog post.


Photo Credits: IMG Kid

As per Mike, Viners would be able to make vines in HD quality by choosing 720p option while uploading it to the site. The technical support is planning to upgrade the system to a higher level that would enable the users for this enhanced way to create a vine. This picture below demonstrates how this would change the way of making vines by taking it to the better picture quality.

Vine HD Resolution

480p left | 720p right

Photo Credits: Brittlestar

This would simply enhance the experience for viewers and let them enjoy their favorite vines with better results. Although 480p is not a bad option but who doesn’t want better instead of good? For instance, if it’s about your regular fun stuff then it’s okay even with 480p picture quality but with 720p you can share your message in HD result.

Where this news is bringing joy to millions of Viners, there are some drawbacks that may sadden you once you read it. The 720p option is available only for iPhone users at the moment all over the globe. Hold on for a sec! If you’re thinking there is nothing much for you to read in this post because you have an Android or Windows phone then you’re wrong. According to Mike, the technical support is in process to make this service available for more platforms like Android and Windows phone etc. Sounds good isn’t it? So cheer up and wait until they open this service for more platforms. This would take probably a month or two to them for making this option available for other platform (Not guaranteed though!)

Vine was started back in 2012 as part of Twitter’s initiative and now they are expanded over 1.5 billion loops all across the globe. People can create looping vines in different manner like comedy, routine life or it can be a breaking news kind of short video. The concept fascinates the viewer of interested videos being repeated (what they say Loops).

All you need is a mobile phone with good (video) camera and an internet connection to share your life, thought or feelings with people. And guess what? You have a large audience to share with your creativity or simply a message. Great! Isn’t it?

The Vine app is free to use and requires you to register an account (which is also free). Vine app can be downloaded on iPhone, Android or Windows phone from the internet. Get the app, create an account and start sharing your vines with world now!

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