Note 4 initial charging how long to charge

You may be excited about your new Note 4 and you are worried about how long to initially charge it.  This is what I did and I get great battery life every day.  Most Samsung Galaxy devices come with 50% battery life.  You can read my other articles on the S4 and the S5 to get more information about the whole initial charging issue.  What I did is simply let it drain to 20% then I filled it to 100% and unplugged it the moment the light turned green and it hit 100%.  After that, I just let it fall back to 20% and then charge it back up to 80% percent because I heard that is a good thing to do for newer battery technology.  Older battery tech needed hours and hours of charging before they would offer great battery life.

Note 4 initial battery charging

You don’t wanna end up buying a battery too soon so make sure you don’t install battery draining apps like Tango.  The less you charge the longer your battery will last before needing replacement.