Nidhogg 2014 Review

nidhogg review 2014

Nidhogg is a fantasic fightning game. Developed by an indie studio, Nidhogg is completely different from any 1 vs. 1 fightning games. To kick things off, there is no special moves, no characters, nothing. Each player controls a generic swordsman. Armed with only a sword and without any kind of armor, the player has to create a strategy to use their limits to defeat the opponent, or find holes in the opponent’s strategy. The player can put the sword in three different positions, which can be used for both offense and defense. The sword can also be throwed, but it can be easily blocked. Both fighters also have one special move, a divekick. Triggered by jumping and pressing the attack button, this attack will make the opponent lose their sword. What I most like about Nidhogg it is because it is about the strategy not how much hitboxes the character’s attacks has, it is about how good at it. Nidhogg’s objective is to defeat the opponent and go to three screens and be eaten by the titular monster Nidhogg. Yup. You heard me right. To win the game, you must die. Everytime you kill an oppennt, it will respawn sometime later. But there is some drawbacks to it, Nidhogg’s online multiplayer, which is one of the selling points of the game, is bad. The matchmaking is really bad. I rarely managed to get into a match, and that was pure luck. There is also the lack of variety of stages. There is only four of them. Four. However, they feel unique and their uniqueness can be used for different strategies, but good lord is that a low number of stages for a fightning game. And also that soundtrack. Dat soundtrack. Nidhogg is what indie games should be. Not copying other games to try making something new (ala Braid, aka “Super Mario Bros. with Prince of Persia’s time travel and some story bullshit”), it is supposed to try something new at it. Nidhogg is unique, for it’s simple and addicting gameplay, but the lack of things to do and not working multiplayer are some problems. Overall, if you want something new yet good to play, here’s Nidhogg. THE GOOD ​ Unique concept. Good to play. Fun with friends. Simple gameplay. THE BAD Lack of things to do alone. THE UGLY ​Really bad multiplayer matchmaking system. ​RELEASE DATE: January 13, 2014. DEVELOPER: Messhof. PUBLISHER: Messhof. GENRE: 1v1 Fightning Game. PLATFORM(s): PC. VERSION REVIEWED: PC. PRICE: $14.99