New Starfox Game Will Be A First

So it was revealed by Miyamoto himself that the new Starfox game have a feature that’s a first in it’s series. StarFox game WiiU coop

I’m going to let that word sink in real fast. One player will fly the Arwing with motion controls, and the other player with use the GamePad to fly the ship. Now of course, that presents a challenge, with in-game events/cutscenes. But the beauty of that is Miyamoto assured that you’d be seeing a different angle if you’re in the cockpit view, as opposed to looking at the TV. I’m personally super excited to see a co-op style Starfox game and can’t wait to blow up Star Wolf with friends.   Now all of this is still up in the air, as the game is under heavy development. But it’s still great to hear nonetheless.