Mozilla Stops Firefox Send and Firefox Notes

Mozilla has stopped firefox send and is also going to discontinue Firefox Notes. That’s what the browser builder announced. Send was used for spearphishing and sending malware, according to Mozilla.

Mozilla had already temporarily taken Send offline, but the company will no longer use the WeTransfer competitor for good. The cost of ridding Send of the abuse doesn’t outweigh the benefits, mozilla. The abuse consisted of sending files for spearphishing attacks and sending malware.

Firefox Send was removed from b├Ęta in March 2019 and has been available to everyone ever since. The use of an account was not mandatory, but those who logged in could upload larger files. Those who logged in could share files of up to 2.5GB, without an account that limit was 1GB.

Notes was a way for Mozilla to experiment with sending encrypted data, and then Notes remained active as a tool for Users of Firefox and Android to sync notes. As part of this year’s cost savings, Mozilla has decided to close the service as of Nov.