Microsoft will continue to offer Flash in IE to business customers after 2020

Microsoft will continue to offer Flash in its browsers after 2020, despite the fact that this should definitely be the last year of the software life. The company offers this for business customers who have to rely on it after 2020. But it seems that anyone can take advantage of that

In the announcement Microsoft says it will cater to that group of business customers by allowing Flash to be plugged into Edge’s Internet Explorer mode. It is therefore also possible to load Flash into Internet Explorer itself. However, Microsoft does not explicitly state that this functionality will be limited to Edge and IE installations on Windows 10 Enterprise or Pro. So it’s possible that everyone can continue to use Flash. How long is not known.

Microsoft stresses that no flash customer support will be available as of January 1, 2021. Also, there will be no more security updates and sometime in 2021 Flash will actually be removed from Edge by means of an update. Already, the plug-in is disabled by default in Edge.

Three a year ago, the EOL date of Flash. Adobe then did so in collaboration with Apple, Mozilla, Microsoft, Facebook and Google. The browser makers have already phased out support for Flash in recent years, by disabling support for the plug-in by default. Security updates for Flash Player will continue until the end of this year, but from next year onwards, this will not happen again. Adobe therefore removes the software from its websites and will send users Flash Player message to remove software.