Microsoft Surface Duo has a lot of bugs and isn’t ready for release

The Microsoft Surface Duo is buggy and not ready for release, say reviewers who have been able to use the phone for several weeks.

For example, the phone suffers from lag when opening apps, changing orientation, and typing, say include Cnet and MrMobile. As a result, the Surface Duo often doesn’t seem to be able to keep track of what the user wants. Besides, the use of the phone is sometimes strange.

The Wall Street Journal thinks the second screen is in the way if you just want to answer a message and feel the call “like holding a frying pan to your ear.” The camera is also bad, judging reviewers. Mkbhd believes Microsoft has made many compromises on the phone, such as the lack of 5g, fast wireless charging, high refresh rate screens, waterproofing and a 3.5mm jack.

A.m. reviewers also contribute positives. The design feels good and the hinge works excellently, writes The Verge. Many reviewers also suggest that it is a first-generation product and that next versions might work better. The Surface Duo only comes out in the United States and costs $1,399.