Microsoft acquires platform for free online esports tournaments

Microsoft has taken over This is reported by the platform on the homepage of his website. Users can organise free online esports tournaments on According to the website, the operation of the platform does not change.

The owner of reports the acquisition on their website. “Since we started in 2015, our goal has been to build active esports scenes around the games people love to play,” the platform states. “Today, we’re excited to take the next step in that journey by joining Microsoft to strengthen our existing relationships and explore new opportunities,” reports that the website continues to function as a platform for independent esports tournaments. Also on Twitter it is reported that work will not change for the time being. However, the platform says it will receive additional revenue and support now that it is part of Microsoft’s Content Services team.

It is not yet known what Microsoft plans to do with the website in due course. The company will announce the acquisition only on its MSN Esports-Twitter account, but does not comment further. It is also not yet known what amount is involved in the acquisition is a platform on which users can organise free online esports tournaments. This website started in 2015 mainly as a place to hold Super Smash Bros. tournaments, but later the site later added games like Street Fighter V, Rocket League, Mortal Kombat 11 and Fortnite to its platform. Games like Halo may also be added in the long term, now that the platform is owned by Microsoft.