Mario Kart 8 – Rubberbanding Not As Bad?

So lately I’ve heard of the lack of rubberbanding in MK8. I’m sorry, but I’ve played 150cc every day since I got the game, and rubberbanding is alive and well.

Mario kart 8


It’s really ridiculous when you’re in first, and due to one mistake there’s magically 4 drivers ahead of you. In a split second. I remember at one point on Rainbow Road, I was in first by a minute or so, and got hit with 3 blue shells. Back to back. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to break my gamepad more.   And then even on 50cc, I’ve been rubberbanded. And while it’s great that it’s dynamic, and makes the game an actual challenge, there comes a time when it gets really ridiculous and makes me want to throw my controller at those AI characters. But that’s not cool, and  those game pads are expensive. So…. we won’t do that.