Mario Kart 8 – New ‘Controversial’ Method to Win

It’s called ‘Fire Hopping,’ and it’s splitting the community in half.

Fire hopping Mario kart

Now you’re asking, what IS fire hopping. It’s a technique that allows someone to maintain their drift boost by hopping. And it’s possible on everything except bikes. Which sucks. I like bikes…. Not.

Through jumping at the end of a boost, you get to continue that speed boost for a short time. And boy does it have some people angry because it’s technically cheating. Few are unopposed to it, as it’s obviously a mechanic in the game, whilst others are up in arms crying for Nintendo  to patch it.  But apparently it’s not as easy as it sounds. On maps like Rainbow Road, you’d probably fall off a few dozen times before actually being able to successfully increase your boost time. But on a map like Royal Raceway, it’d be a way to really get the leg up on the competition. So it’s dependent on the maps for the most part.

So in the end, is it really all that controversial? No, but the internet, and gamers as a whole, make small little issues, big deals.

You can see Fire Hopping in action in the footage below by MK8 Records.