Make any WordPress theme Infinite scrolling

Making your main index posts page infinitely scrolling is a great idea because visitors don’t have to click previous or next to see your posts pages. Visitor retention is the key to earning more money through Ads or affiliate sales, and you can ensure your visitors stay longer or find more of your content if your main page posts endlessly scroll vertically.

Wordpress endless scroll

To make your main site infinitely scroll, all you have to do is install a great plugin called “Infinitely Scroll”. This plugin was created by BEAVER6813 and a few other people. It is a must have plugin if your theme isn’t already endlessly scrolling. Most popular websites online these days are infinitely scrolling and I think Pinterest was the first to spark this new infinite loading idea.

Automatically loads the next page of posts into the bottom of the initial page.
Version 2.6.2 | By Beaver6813, dirkhaim, Paul Irish, benbalter, Glenn Nelson


  • Works out-of-the-box for many popular WordPress themes — just activate the plugin and scroll
  • Fully customizable to adapt to your site and theme
  • Requires no (hopefully) template hacking, only a knowledge of CSS selectors.
  • Relies on shared database of common themes to simplify installation process
  • Maintain local database of theme presets for all installed themes (shared across network on multisite installs)
  • Countless API endpoints to modify the behavior.
  • Backwards compatible: Will not break RSS readers, mobile devices, or browsers with javascript
There are other ways you can also make your site infinitely load posts in front page but this plugin makes it easier for you to do. No script or theme modifications necessary when you use this plugin.
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