Line 2 tips and tricks

Line2 tips tricks

These great tips are from Line2 itself.

Tip #1: Invite a friend or associate to Line2

To get the most from Line2 on the free plan, invite your friends and associates to create a Line2 account. Then you can enjoy free calling and texting and save money on your mobile phone bill by downgrading to a plan with fewer minutes and texts. To invite other people to Line2, select ‘Invite People to Line2’ in the Settings tab of the Line2 app.

Tip #2: Enabling calling and texting with people not using Line2

Your free plan allows unlimited calling and texting with other Line2 users, but limits your ability to talk and text with people outside Line2. To enable full service, sign up for one of our monthly subscriptions:
Line2 Standard ($9.95/month) – Free 7 Day Trial
Offers unlimited calling and texting with numbers in the US & Canada, multiple device support, call forwarding to your cell number when Line2 is offline, international calling and texting at low rates, and the ability to place Line2 calls over cellular when you don’t have a good WiFi or 3G data signal.
Line2 Pro ($14.95/month) – Free 7 Day Trial
Designed for professionals and small businesses, this plan offers everything Line2 Standard offers plus up to six forwarding numbers, caller blocking, additional call routing and screening options, and an auto-attendant (‘Press 1 for…’) to route callers to different people.

Tip #3: Enabling international calling and texting.

We offer international calling and texting at low rates, but to enable this you must sign up for one of our subscriptions (see tip #2). Purchasing a subscription within the Line2 app (Apple devices only) does not permit international calling due to limitations with iTunes billing.

Tip #4: Do Not Disturb

Use Do Not Disturb to have calls go to voicemail when you’re busy. Incoming texts will be received silently without notification. Follow these steps to manage your Do Not Disturb settings:
1. From the Settings Menu tap ‘Call Handling’.
2. At the top of the screen is the option to toggle on or off Do Not Disturb.
3. When turned on, inbound calls will go to voicemail and texts will not display a notification.
Tip #5: Personal Greeting
Your voicemail greeting has been set to our default greeting. To personalize your greeting, record a new one directly in the Line2 app:
1. From the Settings Menu tap ‘Call Handling’.
2. Tap ‘Greeting’
3. Tap ‘Custom’ to create your on greeting.
4. Tap ‘Record’ and start talking.
5. Tap ‘Stop’ when you are done.
6. Press ‘Save’ at the top of the screen to keep.

Tip #6: Line2 does not ring when I get a call (Apple devices only)

If you want to be alerted when you receive a call or text when Line2 is running in the background, then you must set up notifications in your device’s general settings:
1. Go to the general Settings on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.
2. Tap ‘Notifications’ to access notifications settings.
3. Locate the Line2 app in the list and switch on Notification Center if it’s not already on.
4. Set Line2’s alert style to ‘Alerts’ and turn on all the switches at the bottom (Badge App Icon, Sounds, and View in Lock Screen).

Tip #7: Preventing Line2 calls from dropping when someone calls your cell number

On Android, Line2 calls will stay connected if you answer a call on your regular cell number. On the iPhone, calls to your cell number will interrupt any app that is running, including Line2. Your Line2 call is put on hold when this happens, but it can only hold the call for a few seconds. As long as you decline the cell call right away rather than answering it, you will be able to return to your Line2 call.
1. You are on a Line2 call on your iPhone.
2. Someone calls your regular iPhone cell number and it starts ringing.
3. Do not answer the cell call. Tap ‘Decline’ so that it goes to voicemail.
4. Line2 will return to the foreground with your call on hold (button turns blue).
5. Tap the hold button to take the call off hold (button turns black) and continue your conversation.

Tip #8: Audio Quality Check

The quality of your calls using Line2 depends on the strength of your Internet connection, as well as the proper set-up of any accessories you’re using (like headsets or external microphones). To check quality, use our nifty Test Call Service:
1. From within the app, go to Settings.
2. Enter the Help section.
3. Tap ‘Line2 Test Call’
4. The call will be placed. At the prompt, record a short message. It will be played back to you to check the audio quality