LG unveils new budget smartphones in K Series with four cameras

LG has announced new models in its K-series of low-cost smartphones. The three phones have an LCD with a hole at the top for the front camera. There are four camera lenses on the back, but the phones have different cameras

The cheapest of the three has a primary camera on the back with a resolution of 13 megapixels, while the two more expensive phones have 48-megapixel cameras, reports the company. The front camera also differs between models, as well as working memory and storage. The weight difference slightly, but otherwise the new phones are the same in terms of dimensions and screen.

The phones come out relatively early, as the predecessors are from earlier this year. Those models like the K51 and K61 have a different design with hole in the top left corner of the screen and a camera island center back instead of top left. LG does not specify which socs are in the devices, the manufacturer only mentions the number of cores.

LG says the phones will be released in Europe from next month, but does not mention recommended prices. The K41 is currently not available in the Netherlands. The K51 is in the Pricewatch for around 150 euros, while the K61 should cost around 190 euros. When they were introduced, those phones cost 229 and 279 euros. The prices of the successors are probably comparable.