iTunes for Windows in Microsoft Store

As it became known, two huge companies in the market Apple and Microsoft decided to cooperate. The cooperation began when iTunes became accessible to users of the Windows system, which undeniably pleases. You can get iTunes for Windows 10 on the official Microsoft Store.

The article will support you in searching for the way the program operates and how to install it.

Before figuring out how to run iTunes, we should take to consideration that it is necessary to find where to download it and the way to install it. There are no special secrets in these processes, however, some items have to be observed. For example, download only the latest version of iTunes from the official site.

Download the distribution kit from the official Apple website or the official Microsoft Store.

To accomplish this action, swipe down the page and find the link «iTunes». Press  «Download».

Choose the version as on the personal computer. Windows requires version 7 and higher – 8, 8.1, 10. If you want to receive from Apple news and messages about the updates, find the corresponding checkboxes and enter your e-mail.

After the download is completed, the «iTunesSetup.exe» file on your PC will appear. It runs just like any other installer. The installation process is automated, user only chooses the program language, the need to create a shortcut and use iTunes as a standard audio player and the location of files.

If you want to make backup copies of iPhone via iTunes, it is recommended to install the program on a disk partition for user files, but not on the system volume. Even if the problems with Windows appear, iTunes along with the backup copies won’t be deleted.

After a successful installation, figure out how to run the iTunes program to manage it through the iPhone on the PC. There’s no need to customize iTunes for work, but there are a few simple steps that you have to perform when you first start it.

Itunes for windows

The first thing to do after the program is running is to log in to iTunes under the Apple ID account. After signing in, you are able to manage your account, purchases and downloads right in iTunes. For authorization, open the «Account» menu and choose «Login». If there’s no Apple ID, first create it on the iPhone.

If you are going to find applications in iTunes and want to install them, remove the password request for a free download. Otherwise, you’ll have to enter the password each time you download free content.

  1. Expand the «Edit» menu, find the settings.
  2. Choose the «Shop» tab.
  3. In the drop-down menu «Purchases» set the value «Request Always» so that only you or a person to whom you can trust the password can perform a paid download.
  4. In the «Free downloads» list, select «Do not request».
  5. Save the configuration by clicking «OK».

Another convenient function is a ban on automatic synchronization. In case you often connect the device to the PC for recharging but don’t want the data to be synchronized each time:

  1. Expand the «Edit» menu, find the settings.
  2. Choose the Devices tab.
  3. Choose the checkbox «Disable automatic device synchronization».

These’re just basic settings that can be useful for a user who is working with iTunes for the first time. In the process of interacting with the program, everyone finds optimal parameters for themselves, which assist them in solving emerging problems more quickly.

If you connect to a Wi-Fi and have one of the Apple devices, you have the possibility to synchronize it (add objects to it from your PC) without connecting the device to the PC (if both of them are connected to the same network).

When it is synchronized over the Wi-Fi network, the same settings for synchronization via the cable are used.

  1. Enable Wi-Fi sync.
  2. Connect the device to the PC.
  3. Search for the device on the screen, and then click «Browse».
  4. Press «Synchronize with this device via Wi-Fi».
  5. Press the «Apply».

When you unplug the device, the device icon will still be available in iTunes until you click the «Eject» button.

When you press the «Eject» button the device disappears, but the synchronization via the Wi-Fi network remains on. It appears the next time you open iTunes.

Connect your device to a power source and in that case synchronization starts automatically. Find the device icon, then press «Synchronize».

Add objects to the device by dragging. Go to Settings > General > Synchronize with iTunes over Wi-Fi. After you have done these operations, tap the sync key. You can use the device during synchronization over a Wi-Fi network.

Window store

If you want to restore the iOS device software, first it is required to connect the device to the PC.

You can synchronize your device over a wireless network with multiple computers but you can only synchronize content of each type with one computer.

Synchronization over a Wi-Fi network is slower than with the help of a cable. If you connect the device to the computer with a cable while synchronizing over a Wi-Fi network, the synchronization will continue through the cable. If you disconnect the device cable from the PC during synchronization, the synchronization will stop.

If you have problems with installing the version of iTunes from the Apple site to a Windows PC, or you have an error message or an «Apple Application Support not found» message after installing the program, follow the instructions below in the order listed.

Learn how to troubleshoot startup issues or iTunes shutdown unexpectedly if another error occurs when you try to start iTunes.

Verify that you’re logged on to the administrator account

If you aren’t sure that you have an administrator account, learn how to log in with administrator rights.

For additional help, also consult your computer’s help system or contact the technical department.

Set up the latest updates. Go to the official Windows website. Find the latest version of iTunes. Or visit the Apple website and download iTunes from it.

If you decided to download  the app from the Microsoft Store, there is no need to perform the steps specified here. If you downloaded the application from the Apple website, read the instructions below.

Troubleshoot iTunes. Right-click the installer with the file name «iTunesSetup» or «iTunes6464Setup», and then click Run as administrator.

If you installed iTunes earlier, the installer will tell you to fix the software. Run the PC one more time and start iTunes when the fix is ​​complete. Delete all files from the previous installation

If you can’t install or fix iTunes, remove the components from the last installation of iTunes, and then run the installation again.

Songs bought from the iTunes Store or imported from CDs are saved in the My Music folder. Uninstalling the app will not dismiss your music.

Disable conflicting software. Some processes can preclude the installation of programs similar to iTunes.

If you have problems with installing iTunes for Windows, deactivate or uninstall the security software to resolve these issues.

Restart the PC. After launching the PC again, try to install iTunes one more time.

If you observe an error message, follow instructions and try to resolve the problems with the software.