Is moving to Vancouver a good idea?

Moving to vancouver good or bad

That depends on the reason for your move. Is it………..
For work? For a fiance/spouse/someone you’re with? For a different lifestyle?

I love Vancouver, it will always be my home – but like all cities, it has drawbacks.

It’s true that Vancouver has scenic beauty, the forests, the mountains, the ocean – are often just a short drive in any direction. If you like the outdoors, you will love the nature offered in Vancouver. The downside? It rains…… a lot. If you don’t mind going for hikes in the rain, it’s fine – but when summer time comes, and you want to book your vacation time –  you are really lucky if you can get an entire week without it raining.

Vancouver is small….. I didn’t realize how small until I moved away, but most people are really friendly – and it’s easy to meet new people.

Work. Vancouver is not exactly a big business hub – the main companies run out of Vancouver are Mining and Resource companies, and import/export operations (because it’s a port city) The pace of business in Vancouver feels slow – things take a long time to happen, and I found it hard to get ahead. I think the minimum wage in BC is the lowest in Canada – yet the cost of living is extremely high. If you are like me and need steady stimulation and motivation to improve yourself and your work – Vancouver might not be the best place.

Home prices are really high – which seem to peak in the downtown core and somewhat lower as you move out towards the rest of the greater Vancouver area (Burnaby – Coquitlam – Richmond – Abbotsford) however the suburbs can prove taxing if you need to commute anyplace thats over a 1 hour drive away – traffic can drive you mental in rush hour. Rent is not really much better – living downtown is the most enjoyable – close to everything – but studios go for 1100-1500 1 bdrms 1600 and up.

The Multi-cultural mosaic in Vancouver, unfortunately doesn’t feel like it exists anymore. There is a noticeable divide when you drive through certain parts of Vancouver – like Surrey and Richmond…. it doesn’t feel like you are all there together sharing a community and other peoples culture – you feel alienated and like you are a stranger in your own city.

And finally – there are a ton of gangs in Vancouver. Who, in 2009 when I moved, were openly gunning each other down in public, in residential neighborhoods. I don’t know if its gotten better – you will have to check.

If the reasons you want to move there outweigh any of these points – then definitely go. There are wonderful things about Vancouver too – Kits Beach, Coal Harbour, Stanley Park, Whistler and Blackcomb just a short drive away, close drive to the Seattle boarder, discovering your favorite parts of the city (mine are  Granville Island, English Bay, and 4th Ave)