Installing OSX Mavericks on the Asus s400CA guide

I initially used MyHack to install the AppleStore downloaded OSX Mavericks. I will continuously update this article.  Make sure you download the Vietnam Hackintosh Tool and ensure you get the latest version because they frequently update kexts and such in that tool.  That tool is amazing and was made by 2 of my Vietnamese friends who are like Hackintosh Geniuses. Vietnam Hack Tool Asus S400ca OSX Mavericks Be careful with this Vietnam Hackintosh Tool.  Don’t checkmark clover or Chameleon in this tool, I will link to you the full clover boot I use below.  In this tool you gotta select Generate SSDT so it can generate an SSDT file for you.    This tool also has kexts for Asus FN keys so you can use your Asus laptop keyboard to get brightness and audio controls.   Don’t select any option in there you don’t recognize or you may not be able to boot at all. For Ethernet Kext here is!Y1FF1DKT!WkQ_Y3N7MlKQBOp5I3pX3oPVuZoTwo6j1kf5NgQkCBE

.Most people have a problem getting Mavericks to boot.  What you have to do to boot without USB is to format the SSD partition as Ms-Dos as we will use that to boot from.  The main hard drive cannot boot by itself becauses Asus bios for some reason doesn’t recognize GPT OSX booting. This zip file is called newupdates and you need to copy over it’s contents to the same folder as the other zip file I am about to give you which is the EFI Clover boot.  Just copy over any files but don’t use my SSDT because I have Core i5.  If you have Core i5 processor go ahead and use my SSDT.

Once you put the EFI Clover folder I gave you in your SSD drive and your SSD drive is MS-Dos partition you will have to go into bios.  My clover config already has boot args for high quality graphics and other stuff so no need to edit any boot args.

For Audio this Kext works fine.
To get touch pad to work just use the Vietnam Hack tool and select the ElanTouchpad Kext.

If you get stuck somewhere I can provide Team Viewer support for a fee.  My email address is [email protected]