Innovation in Gaming, 2016/2017


Technology is moving forward in leaps and bounds. Most of it is concentrated in research, development, and improving daily lives and communication. There is another field in which technology is growing, however. This is in the world of gaming. As tech improves, so does the average gamer’s experience. The gaming world is now so much more realistic than ever before. Let’s take a look at some of the potential technology that we can expect to see in the near future.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been a bit of a stagnant technology development for a while. This is due to the cost and equipment required to maintain this particular experience. Nonetheless, it is certainly the ultimate goal of any gamer worth his or her salt. This is because virtual reality is the perfect experience that any gamer can hope for – it actually allows the player to be submerged in their respective gaming worlds. With the upcoming launch of Sony’s PSVR as well as Microsoft’s future Xbox releases, this dream is not too far from being a reality. In a few years, not only will virtual reality be more widespread, it could even be a connective experience among players. Of course video games are not where virtual reality’s potential ends. It could even potentially transform the way that people use online games, online slots for instance. An entire casino experience could be recreated in your very own living room; this would be at least very exciting.


It has been a bit of a slow start for smartwatches but this trend is about to change. This is particularly evident as other companies jump on the smart watch bandwagon. At the moment, the variety of games available with smartwatches are not that interactive. Of course, as smartwatches grow in popularity, gaming with your smartwatches will also become a very real concept. It is based on the theory that if you build it, they will come. Of course, gameplay on smartwatches does pose somewhat of a challenge. For starters, the smaller screen presents a problem when creating a viable experience for most interactive, live action playing. At the same time, players are treated to a more mobile experience. This mobility can even be developed to be included in the game.

Augmented Reality

Gaming companies are trying to make sure that gamers have access to more than one reality. One of the latest endeavors is augmented reality. This is when screens, glasses, and other technologies allow the game world to overlap the real world. There have been tentative starts made, but the real tech lies in 2017. Magic Leap and HoloLens are set to become the hottest items on the 2017 market. While it may seem similar, augmented reality actually has been touted as a superior experience to virtual reality. In particular, augmented reality is set to be more of a physical experience than its virtual counterpart. As long as development companies manage to get their equipment functioning the way it is supposed to, augmented reality is likely to be a billion dollar industry.

This is the innovative tech that you should keep your eyes peeled for over the coming months and years. It is certainly an exciting time to be a gamer.