Indie Game Opinions – NETHER


Ever heard of the amazing Beta Horror-shooter game NETHER? Let me tell you bout’ it!

Nether game review video

NETHER – no, not the Minecraft dimension – is an amazing horror/shooter game that is currently in Beta. You can buy it here.

I thought NETHER had some fantastic graphics. The game actually isn’t that scary, so for people that only like a mild scare, this is the perfect game for you. It’s like a mix of both Amnesia and Call Of Duty, it’s so different! The idea is simple. With teammates, survive in a dystopian world infected with zombie-like reapers.

An apocalypse. You trade, make weapons, bombs and grenades and work with teammates, or make enemies. There’s even voice chat to make it hilariously awkward! Check it out!



Alex The Wonder Spud

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