Increase Windows Phone 8 battery life

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Are you looking for ways to save battery life on your Windows Phone 8?   I just bought a WP8 HTC 8X , and at first the battery drained fairly quickly while using internet and all that.  So I decided to go into settings and then noticed a “Battery Saver” section.  I selected that option to get to the battery saver screen, then I hit the on switch for “Always conserve battery”.

After I did this, I noticed that my battery life is so amazing that I still am halfway full while I write this article now, even though I selected “Always conserve battery” a day and a half ago.  At this rate I can go another day before I have to recharge.

The reason why the “always conserve battery” option saves so much battery,  is because it doesn’t automatically sync emails or do any other data intensive stuff.   That heart icon on top of the battery icon in WP8 means you are getting the best battery life possible.

I also want to mention that deleting whatsapp, kik or wechat, will make a big difference in your WP8 battery life.  It’s normally the apps that drain battery fast.

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