Image shows remote new Chromecast with Netflix and Youtube button

New images have appeared of the new Google Chromecast with Google TV that have already leaked information about it. The images show that the hdmi-dongle buttons for Netflix, YouTube and the Google Assistant include the remote control.

The images, which publishes Winfuture, Show a white remote control with a round d-pad, back navigation buttons, home and sound expansion and a black Google Assistant button. Below them are buttons to boot YouTube and Netflix. That’s where buttons are on and off and choosing the source. On the sides is the volume control.

The remote is part of an oval hdmi dongle with Google TV that Google would like to release at the end of September. The dongle would include an AMLogic S905X2 quadcore with two gigabytes of ram. Previously, details and images of Sabrina, the code name that Google appears to use internally for the product.

According to 9to5Google the new Chromecast would cost 50 to 60 dollars. Google TV would be the new name for Android TV. On September 30, Google will hold an event where the product may be announced.