IE 10 IE 11 Scroll bar not visible

angry at computer insert keyInternet Explorer 11 annoying fix scrollbar
Some people at Microsoft need to be fired or disciplined for screwing up features that worked well in the past. With Windows 8 and 8.1 came lots of annoyances like scroll bar that is hardly visible. Fix for this issue is to not even use a Microsoft browser like IE but instead you should consider using Chrome which is a superior and far better browser.  I think the reason they made that sidebar hardly visible is because they want to give you that mobile feel where you scroll down with touch.  They want you to scroll down with 2 fingers on your touchpad or scroll down using your laptop touchscreen.  Most laptops with Windows 8.1 now are touchscreen because Microsoft believe TOUCH and MOBILE are the future.  Microsoft is heavily competing with Apple now as Apple dominates the mobile touch scene.