Huawei releases HarmonyOS sdk for smartphones in December

Huawei has announced that its own operating system HarmonyOS is coming to smartphones. The SDK for smartphones will be released in December and phones with their own operating system are expected to arrive next year.

The SDK of HarmonyOS 2.0 will be released Thursday, writes The Verge. Director Richard Yu’s keynote at the company’s own Huawei Developer Conference in the Chinese city of Shenzen is not yet publicly available online. For now, the beta of the 2.0 version only supports smartwatches, auto-infotainment systems and TVs. After the support for smartphones is in it, Huawei will start working on actual devices with the operating system.

In addition, other manufacturers can get started with HarmonyOS under the name OpenHarmony. From October next year, those phones could be with more than 4GB of memory. The system should then work the same as AOSP on Android. Presumably, manufacturers can add their own services and apps to the system.

The move comes at a time when Huawei is able to buy components for smartphones from fewer and fewer companies. TSMC will stop making Kirin socs for Huawei next week, while LG will no longer supply screens and Samsung will stop supplying various parts, including displays and memory. Other manufacturers working with OpenHarmony wouldn’t have those restrictions

Huawei had already announced smartphones with HarmonyOS were coming. Huawei announced HarmonyOS last summer, a few months after it became clear that it could no longer use Google services by the US government’s trade ban.