HTML5 vs Flash

HTML5 has more benefits than Flash could ever have.  The main disadvantage of Flash is that it eats too much battery, and uses more CPU than HTML5 does.  Flash also is plugin based while HTML5 is built into the browsers.  More and more people are moving away from flash and accepting HTML5 as the new standard for streaming video and online gameplay.  Flash still does have some benefits over HTML5.   Here are some advantages of both Flash and HTML5.

Benefits of Flash

Flash player vs html5

  • Flash is more ubiquitous (98% of desktop users)
  • The Flash developer community is large and mature
  • The developer tools are strong and well supported
  • Designers are comfortable in working in flash
  • The 2D and 3D APIs are more mature and usable than Canvas
  • Flash gives you access to web cam and and audio recording.
  • Flash better supports streaming, secure (unable to download) and live video
  •  Flash has a much more mature 2D API and now 3D API. HTML5 Canvas is still primitive, and SVG does not mix and match with HTML as well as it could.
  •  Designers can participate in making interactive visual artifacts (in HTML5, you need a developers doing all artifacts). This is kind of a big plus when doing games.
  • 98% of PC users are using Flash to view videos and this will continue for quite some time (since HTML providers do not agree on a video codec for HTML). So, you do can assume it is almost as ubiquitous as HTML, and if you do something with Video, you will have to work with Flash anyway.
  • Flash allow you to record video and voice from the PC Web browser.
  • Flash as a strongly typed object oriented language (ActionScript 3), similar to Java. HTML uses Javascript, which is an dynamically typed object oriented language. Some developers have a strong preference on strongly typed languages.

Flash offers RTMP secure connections with Flash Media server (or similar servers like Red5). Users can’t “right click” and download a video because the client is given limited access to the stream. This is one of the reasons Hulu is holding off on supporting HTML 5.

Benefits of HTML5

HTML5 vs Flash

  • Local storage – offline database and caching.
  • Geolocation – integration with the OS-specific geolocation API of the desktop/phone client.
  • Workers – threaded background processes.
  • Video – in-language support for playing multiple video formats.
  • Canvas – in-language support for animation and graphics.
  • Youtube uses HTML5 whenever possible.

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