How to View and Send Text Messages from Computer

SMS is still one of the great sources of communication rather than social media. AS we know the bank detail and the other government details we still received in the form of SMS. Perhaps there is no straight method through which we can check the message details.  As we have a lot of alternative methods where we can check and send messages through your PC.

text message

 So, if you are searching the methods where you can easily sync your text messages to your computer then you are landed on the right page. In this article, we will discuss how to send and view text message on your computer.

1. iMessage

iMessage is the most popular text messaging app for iOS. This method is only can be used for Mac. iMessage has also some downsides but meanwhile also have some interesting features. One of the major downsides is that it was necessary to enable cloud sync. iCloud Sync is mush when you want to connect your messaging app to Mac.

 If you are unable to see the messaging app on your Mac then follow steps to enable the iCloud Sync. Go to settings, after that just tap on the iCloud and turn on the Messages.

2. Google Voice (web)

Google Voice is also a new option where you can view and send messages. The main reason for using this method is that it also supports media previews. So, if you are in search of a particular method where you can view the media messages then Google Voice is best. You can also check and access to the voicemail and phone logs which is the main highlight. If you want to use the Google Voice just follow some simple steps. Go to the Google Voice official website from your computer. Sign in with your Google account and you are ready to use. Unlike another method, this method doesn’t need a regular connection between your computer and your phone. As in the method Google stored all the messages to Google’s server. But there is a limitation because this method is only available in the USA.

3. Android Messages (Android)

Android Messages is Google’s default messaging app. As this app can be seen in Stock Android phones which looks awesome. By updating this app Google has introduces some awesome features like messages for the web. This feature enables us to sync messages to your computer directly. It allows you to read and also you can send messages to any of your phone’s contacts. There is also an option where you can receive notification on your computer.

To use this feature just download the Android Messages app if you don’t have in your phone. After that open on your computer. It shows a QR code which you have to scan through your phone. Open the app and tap on Messages for the web which can be found when you tap three dots menu. After successful can its connect with your app and sync all the messages. This app is free to available on Play Store.

4. Pulse

This is a third-party app SMS app which offers some interesting features. The main features of this app were that it has a wide range of themes which looks great to your phone. It also comes up with password protection, manages SMS form computer, a number of shortcuts and many more. These features are available in the premium version which you have to pay 1$ for a month and 6$ for a year.