How to Retrieve Deleted Messages on Snapchat

How to Retrieve Deleted Messages on Snapchat


Snapchat is becoming a powerful social media platform. This is due to its ability to delete messages and even photos after a while. It should be noted that these messages are not permanently deleted. A person who understands it well will be able to retrieve them. If you have no idea how you can retrieve deleted messages from Snapchat, then here are simple ways on how to retrieve deleted messages on Snapchat.

Understand how the platform works

People are always very daring to say anything on Snapchat due to its feature of deleting messages by itself hence the evidence will be lost. Deleted messages are not lost but they are always stored in your phone’s memory. These are stored and added an extension so that the app cannot access them. Knowing this will enable you to retrieve deleted messages on Snapchat.

Download file manager app

To retrieve deleted messages on Snapchat, you will need the file manager app. This is a legal app so you don’t have to worry about it. Simply go to Google play store and download the app. This is the app that will help you to navigate through the files that are stored in the phone memory.

Search for the files

After downloading the file manager app and installing it on the phone, you will need to take your time to search for the files. This might take you some time since there might be a lot of files to go through. However, you don’t have to give yourself a lot of stress. Simply go to the folder named Snapchat, there you will find the files that you require which are which has the extension.

Rename the files

For you to retrieve the messages, then you will be required to rename the files that you have found. The files that have the no media extension are the messages that you would want to retrieve. Ensure that you rename each of the files to remove the extension. This will enable other apps to view and display it’s thumbnail hence enabling you to get the messages back.

Recovering files which are deleted

Sometimes, the messages are deleted from your phone. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to recover the deleted files. For you to do this then you will have to download another tool that will help you in this process. The dumpster is the tool that will enable you to recover the deleted file. This tool always works like a recycle bin and enable you to restore the files that you want.

Encryption process

In case you’re using Snapchat 4 or a higher one, then you should know that the messages are always encrypted. This will not be simple like the one that you just change the file extension. The better part is that Snapchat has weak encryption techniques. Cracking this encryption is very easy. All you need to do is download a tool that will decrypt the files. The tools that will help you in this process are always found on the internet and the better part is that they automatically decrypt the files hence enabling you to view them.