How to Reset the Voicemail Icon on Your Android Phone

Are you tired of the annoying situation where the voicemail icon on your Android phone will not go away even though there are no new voicemail messages waiting for you? This article will walk you through the steps required to clear the icon without having to factory-reset your phone!

vm icon go away

  1. If the voicemail system for your carrier asks you for your password, enter it. The default password is usually your phone number’s last four digits. If you do not remember it, enter any four digit number and press then # key. Most systems will tell you that it is wrong and then give you instructions on how to reset it. If not, you may have to call your mobile carrier’s customer service line to find out how to get or set a new voicemail password.
    • On the T-Mobile service in the United States, hang up and dial #793# to have the system send you a new password.
  2. Follow the instructions to send a voicemail message. Send it to yourself on your mobile phone number.

  3. When finished, hang up, drop down the toolbar and press the voicemail notification entry once again to call your voice mail number.

  4. Listen to your past self leaving you a message, then delete it and hang up.

    • These instructions will only work with your mobile carrier’s voicemail system. If you are using Google Voice, you may have to log in to your Google Voice online account and see if there are any pending messages in your inbox.
    • If you are using Google Voice, you may have to temporarily select your mobile carrier’s voicemail system as the default, walk through the instructions to reset the voicemail icon, and then return your voicemail selection to using Google Voice. Google Voice uses a number for voicemail that is different than your mobile carrier’s voicemail number.
  5. The voicemail notification icon should now have disappeared! Celebrate!