How To Make An Album On Imgur


Imgur is gaining a lot of popularity due to its ability to edit photos, create an album, and even make memes. Furthermore, people can even vote for them. However, some people find it difficult to create an album on Imgur. Here are some simple steps that will enable you to create an album.

Create an account

This is the basis of creating an album especially for those who have none. If you already have your Imgur account then you can skip this. It should be noted that creating an account is very simple and it takes a very short time.

Log in

If you already have an account, then you have to log in to your Imgur account. This is possible by using any browser. You will only need to provide your details which are always the user name and also the password. It is always very simple to log in so long as you still remember your password and also the username.

Get to the album tab


After logging in, you will see a place which is named as an album on the right corner of the screen. This is where you will be able to create your album. After taping on that part, then you can go to create a new album that is under that tab. Here is where you will be able to create a new album of your own.

Create the album


After selecting create an album, you will be required to provide the name of the album. This will be possible after clicking the part which is named as edit album on the right part of the page. Click the part which is named as add images. Here you will see the images in your gallery appearing. Select the images that you want to add to your album and they will be copied to your new album on Imgur. Add all the images that you want to be at the album so that you don’t feel that your album is not complete. To make an interesting album, then you can choose to use your time well when it comes to the selection of images.


After ensuring that your album is fully set you can go further to saving the created album. Saving the album is very simple since you will only click save and your newly created album will be saved successfully. It should be noted that the saved images can be edited and also moved to other albums if you feel like or maybe if you consider doing so later.


Creating an album is that simple. Imgur is very reliable when it comes to social media. This is because they are linked to various social media platforms. It makes it simple for you to share your images especially if you have an album. The reason that some social media platforms can be linked to Imgur is because of its easy to use and also the ability to edit photos. It is also a safe platform that you can use.