How to get a marriage license certificate in England UK

Whether you want to have a small destination wedding or a grand event, if you are planning to get married in England, you need to know how to get a marriage license in England. Your marriage license will ensure the validity of your union, and is an important document to have once you return to the United States for all of your financial- and insurance-related needs.

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 marriage license england how to get


  1. Consult with the British Consulate as to your eligibility to marry in England. This documentation will need to be taken with you to present to the register.

  2. Meet the age requirement of 18 years of age.

  3. Make sure that you bring along the proper paperwork to deal with immigration control before departing the United States. This includes your entry clearance visa that states that the reason you are traveling to England is to marry, a certificate of approval with written permission of the Secretary of State, as well as documentation showing that you have settled status in the UK (this documentation being an Indefinite Leave to Remain, which can be found at

  4. Take up residency for at least seven days in the area in which you are going to be applying for your marriage license.

  5. Go to the district office of the register to give your notice of intent to marry. A list of the register’s offices can be found at Here

    • You must make this notification in person. It cannot be done for you by someone else on your behalf.
    • In England, this notice must be posted for 15 days before the authority for your marriage will be granted.
    • Provide the register’s office with basic information such as name, age and current marital status, but also note that you will need to show proof of identification so bring your passport. Also bring along a divorce or death certificate if you have already dissolved a previous union.
    • Ask for a list of officially-sanctioned venues in the district at which you can hold your ceremony, and align this list with your previous research.