How to Fix a Cell Phone That Is Stuck in Bootloader

  1. Download a program called mtty here
  2. Right-click the ActiveSync icon in your system tray, and select connection settings, then unmark “Allow USB connections” This step is vital. If you do not have ActiveSync it can easily be downloaded from Microsoft. Google it.

  3. Once mtty has finished downloading, open it and extract the zip file and In the new folder, run “mtty.exe” and select USB from the Port drop-down list. Click OK.

  4. Press enter two times for show in USB.

  5. Type the following into the screen: set 14 0 [ENTER ↵ ] task 8 [ENTER ↵ ]

  6. Close mtty.

  7. Re-enable USB connections in ActiveSync.

  8. Done. Your device shou