How to find out who has been looking at your Instagram

Not only can you find out who has been looking at your Instagram, but you can also lock it up from strangers.   With the MyFollowers app for iOS, you can find out who unfollowed you or who your ghost followers are.   The app costs 99 cents but it’s well worth it.  You can also find out users that blocked you or who are not following you back.  The only possible way I can think of that an app like this can actually work the way it does is that it uses your actual login to get authorization from Instagram itself.  It is a truly remarkable application.

Myfollowers instagram app find out who blocked you who is following you

My Followers On Instagram is more than a comprehensive followers management tool. It brings you a unique Instagram experience you’ll never find in any other app!


instagram hide your profile from strangers

Here’s how to fix the issue of anyone being able to look at your instagram web profile. Go into your app, click the gear settings icon, and switch your photos to private. It’ll keep people from gawking at you on the web. Done. Easy—but now you won’t be able to get new followers, and the accompanying endorphin rush that goes with seeing an increasing number. Popularity or privacy? Trade off. Follow your heart.

instagram hide your profile