How to Customize Your Android Device?


With a little know-how and the right apps, you can make your phone truly unique.  You can make your smart phone look the way you want. If you don’t know from where or how to start, the information given below will help you out.

  • Wallpaper

This might seem very basic but trust me, a change in your device’s wallpaper can give your android device a completely different look. There are various apps on the play store which you can use to get a good wallpaper. My personal favorite is the Google’s wallpaper app. This app has got some beautiful wallpapers which look just perfect. You can also use tapet which gives you simple and beautiful wallpapers with different patterns and color combinations. You can also set the app to surprise you daily or hourly. You can swipe left to change the pattern and swipe right to change the color.

  • Custom launcher

Are you bored of using the same launcher on your device daily? Well you can install a good custom launcher from the play store which can give a completely different look to your device. The most popular one, as you all may have guessed is the nova launcher. The launcher gives Google-pixel like look to your device. You can also use its beta version to add multiple gestures to your device. Some other launchers are- the test launcher, apex launcher and the new launcher 2017 or you want an iPhone-like launcher, you can go with the launcher of MacBook app. If the launcher doesn’t satisfy you then you can also use some icon apps with it like the pixel icon pack, materis icon pack, nimmbi icon pack etc. Do not forget to customize your launcher as much as you can to get the best out of it.

  • Navigation Bar

You can also customize your android’s navigation bar, if it has one. The best app out there is the navbar app. You can use it to change the color of your navigation bar, set the navigation bar to take the color of the app you are using or you can also add a photo in your navigation bar. Else if you are a Google pixel fan and want your navigation bar to like that, then pixel navigation bar is the app for you. This app does not allow a lot of customizations but it makes the navigation bar exactly like that of the Google pixel.

  • Font

You can also change the font of your device to make it look cooler. The best and the most famous app is the ifont (expert of fonts). It comprises of many fonts in different languages and it is very easy to use. Fonts for flip font 50 is also one app which you can use.

  • Lock Screen

Your lock screen is as important as your home screen. There are many apps which you can use to customize your lock screen. Microsoft’s next lock screen app is one of them. It shows you your most used apps based on your time and location. It also gives you access to various toggles, shortcuts and contacts right on your lock screen.

  • Status Bar

The status bar is also an integral part of your phone’s home screen. You can customize it to improve the looks of your home screen. Inoty Os10 is for iPhone fans. The app gives you a notification bar similar to that found on the iPhone 7. Status is another app that offers a lot of customizations for the status bar. It lets you change the color of your notification bar. You can also set the notification bar to take the color of the app that you are currently using. You can also adjust the color of icons.

If you want to change everything including the boot-up animation of your device and even the android version then you need to provide root access to your device. After installing root access on your device you can install custom ROMs on your device which can change the look of your device far better than any of the launchers out there. You can always keep experimenting with new apps and themes on the play store!