How to block a particular website on your PC

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image courtesy fabrice caduc

Are you trying to block a specific website so your kids don’t see it or whatever other reason?  There are lots of ways to block certain websites.  You can block websites with 2 methods I will show you here.

1.  This is probably the simplest way but you can go into your default router and block it that way.  Comcast and Xfinity both come with a page that you can access from your web browser to configure your router.  Wireless also come with these pages.  To find the IP address of the router to type, all you have to do is look at the bottom sticker on the router itself.    Once you login to the router just look for an option that gives you access control or website blocking.  I can guarantee you almost all modern routers will have that option.  Wireless routers these days even have some babysitting options that allow you to control which times your kids can access the internet.

2.  Option number 2 is through your hosts file.  In Windows 8 you can learn to block a website through hosts file by following the guide on How To Geek website.

Apple Macs also have hosts file which allow you to block websites.  Follow the below link to Wikihow on how to block and unblock internet sites on a mac.