How popular will Facebook’s Slingshot become?

Facebook’s Slingshot app is very promising. I think the name Slingshot will become as catchy as Snapchat.  The new twisted idea of a person having to send a picture before they receive one may just become Slingshot’s strong point because people are always willing to try new things.   The Facebook Slingshot app already has over 10,000 users as of writing this article and I expect it to reach hundreds of thousands if not millions.

Facebook can bring more users to Slingshot by advertising it on existing Facebook apps like Messenger or the Official Facebook app.

Some people view Facebook’s Slingshot app as an attempt to make it a viral one.  The more photos you want to look at, the more you share, more you share, more someone else might want to look at it.

I personally think Facebook Slingshot will offer a great alternative to Snapchat.  Facebook’s Slingshot may even surpass Snapchat in popularity, and Snapchat may end up regretting turning down the $3 Billion Facebook offered for it.

Facebook Slingshot app