How does Virtualization benefit Cloud Hosted Websites?

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Virtualization is a technique to create a virtual version of your hardware resources and/or computing system and helps use a machine’s full capacity by distributing tasks across multiple environments and running numerous tasks on the same server. This invariably brings down the hardware requirements and cost as well. Virtualization uses a program called the hypervisor which is designed to configure and isolate the physical resources of the server into smaller parts wherein the virtual servers are hosted.

Cloud Hosting providers use virtualization techniques to create virtual servers and offer web hosting services. Here is a list of benefits that virtualization offers to Cloud Hosted websites:


When you host your website on a physical server, you need to invest in physical hardware and systems taking into consideration the current and anticipated site traffic. Adding resources can be a costly and time-consuming affair. In Cloud Hosting, since a virtualization layer separates the resources and across different instances of devices, you only add resources as are required by your website. In the future, as the traffic grows you can add resources at the click of a button.

No Single Point of Failure

While the hosting providers take a lot of effort to ensure that the system downtime is minimal, the fact is that no technological infrastructure is completely fail safe – it is always possible that physical damages or system failures might crash your system. In traditional hosting types, the website is hosted on a single web server, Dedicated or Shared. Hence, a system failure can lead to the website being unavailable, which can directly impact your business and reputation.

In Cloud Hosting, virtualization enables the website to be hosted on a cluster of servers. Hence, if one server crashes, then another takes its place almost instantly ensuring that your website does not experience a downtime. In other words, since there is no single point of failure, Cloud Hosting offers a more reliable platform for your website.

Instant Resource Scalability

One of the most important aspects to look for in a web host is the ability to provide scalable resources instantly to cope with the growth of your website.

In Cloud Hosting, virtualization allows the addition of resources like RAM, CPU, etc., at the click of a button. Since your website is hosted on multiple servers, with a few clicks you can scale the resources to meet the increased demand.

Hence, Cloud Hosting, with features like resource scalability, reliability, and cost-efficiency offered by virtualization and also including other benefits like maximum uptimes, high page load speed, etc. offers a great hosting solution for websites. If you are still unsure about Cloud Hosting, then you might want to check this article about the myths surrounding Cloud Hosting. Remember, assess your requirements from the web host before deciding on one. Ask the hosting provider about how he utilizes virtualization to make hosting better.

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