Homeless US programmer creates social app which can help lower gas emissions

Given the choice between a hundred bucks and lessons in computer programming, Leo Grand chose technology, and his decision is finally paying off. On Tuesday, his app called “Trees for Cars” launched on Apple and Android phones for $0.99.

cars for trees app homeless app maker

Trees for Cars is a mobile carpooling app that connects drivers and riders. Every car on the road contributes to pollution by emitting CO2. By using Trees for Cars to find rides in your area, you’ll be helping the environment because more carpooling means fewer cars on the road.

Download the app, sign in, and tell us whether you want to offer rides or take a ride. We’ll connect you with the riders or drivers closest to your complete route.

Ride sharing is caring!

Leo Grand

PS: For the first two weeks Grand is offering limited edition t-shirts and hacker hoodies at: http://www.treesforcars.com

PSS: For those of you new to Leo Grand and his story follow along at: http://www.facebook.com/journeymanchallenge

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