High Definition Zelda Game? Yes Please.

So at E3, I think the biggest reveal for myself was the HD Zelda game coming to Wii U in 2015. Aonuma announced that my jaw would drop, no but seriously, he revealed it’d be an open-world game, giving us many different ways to complete the game, and any problems that come within. It reminds me heavily of Windwaker meets Twilight Princess in graphic style. It was the anime feel of WW, but the grungy appeal of TP.




I’m more stoked just to see how combat will work. I mean with the gif above, it just looks, AMAZING.


And then there’s this boss spider thing… It just looks…. threatening, and SCARY. AND LASERS!!!



Needless to say I’m keeping my eye on this…. I will definitely buy whatever bundle comes with this game…!