H20 $60 Monthly Unlimited Plan Review

I am very impressed with H20’S unlimited 60 dollar a month plan.  The internet is crazy fast.  I use it to tether and at the rate I am going I will exhaust my highspeed 3GB of data within a week.  I actually started using Opera browser which compresses images when in Turbo mode so I don’t exhaust my high speed data too fast.  I also turned off Windows Update so my data doesn’t get eaten up by Windows Update background process.

h20 unlimited 60 a month plan review

It is about time AT&T allowed MVNO’s to give unlimited data to it’s customers.  I am using an Unlocked T-Mobile Galaxy S4 and I am surprised I am doing speeds that are around 3 megabytes per second.  To give you an idea of how high speed it is, it is exactly the same speed as a local Cafe I go to which has Comcast high speed fiber optic internet.  With GoSmart, Simple and other T-Mobile MVNO’s, you will never see them get as fast as H20’s.

The best part of the 60 monthly plan is that you get a $20 international calling credit so it is as if you really spent $40 for your plan when you take out the $20 for calling credit.  The countries I call have high per minute charge.  Lyca Mobile’s plans come with international calling that allows you to talk for way more minutes than H20’s.   The downside to Lyca Mobile is that they block tethering somehow and no one can bypass the tethering block they do.

Thank God I know longer have to deal with T-Mobile MVNO’s throttling internet to such slow speeds that it is pointless to even browse.