Google works to show coronavirus statistics in Maps

Google Maps appears to have a feature showing the number of corona cases per country, but it has not been officially announced. That’s what Twitter user and developer Jane Manchun Wong discovered. It also shows an example of this map layer for Europe.

When zooming in on the United States, it can even be seen that the data is broken down by state. In addition to the reproduction number, it is also shown whether it shows a trend of rising or falling in recent times. Where Maps gets the data for Europe, mentions Wong, not Wong, but in the US come the figures from Wikipedia and The New York Times. Sources from India are also listed

If this feature is really convenient and when, is completely unknown. The fact that one has to dig into the code to bring these things up means only that behind the scenes work is being done, but does not say anything about progress or viability. Competitor Bing Maps has this feature already.

This is not the only work Google is doing in the field of coronavirus. The company also came up with an experimental ar-app to keep a foot and a half away and has now incorporated its contact research api into Android. Apple has done the same with iOS.