Google revamps Pay app and introduces digital Plex bank accounts in US

Google renews its Pay app. Among other things, the app gets a group feature that makes it possible to send payment requests to multiple people. 

Google reports among others that the new Pay app is divided into “relationships.” The current app shows a list of transactions, but the new app shows an overview of friends and businesses that users most frequently handle transactions with. Google makes it easier for users to transfer money to those friends or businesses.

Users can create some kind of group conversations in the new Pay app in the new app, and then send a payment request to all members of such a group. Google cites a restaurant bill as an example. Among other things, the app would help calculate the amount each group member owes.

Furthermore the revamped app will have an Explore page, which includes digital coupons and rewards. According to Google, the offers shown here can be determined by an algorithm as an option. Google reports that this feature is opt-in and that the resulting data is not shared with third parties. and the app can automatically categorize transactions. For example, users can use search terms like “food” or “past month” to find relevant transactions.