Google Lens can translate offline on Android phones

Google Lens has been given an offline translation mode on Android. Users can download language packages and use them offline to create translations to different languages. The update will be pushed to the Lens app from Tuesday.

It had been known for some time that Google was working on a new design of the Lens app and that offline translations would become part of it, but from today offline translation is also really possible on different devices, discovered 9to5Google. According to the site, the feature already works on devices that run the b├Ętaversion of Google Lens.

In the new version of Google Lens, users can select and download language packages, and then use them later. This is especially useful abroad or with a limited data bundle. The Google Lens app now has a tap to download button next to most languages. The download option does not yet appear to be available for all languages.

A few days ago, Android Police already reported that Google Lens a new icon in the Google app. Last June posted 9to5Google that Google was working on revamping Lens, including offline translations, a homework filter and a new user interface that looks more like a camera app. That homework filter helps solve mathematical equations