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Are you sick of seeing text message spam?  I am.  Glide just spammed me from a 651 area code which is near my area but I can bet you they chose area codes nearby me to spam me from.  Some of these social messaging apps are desperate for people and so they resort to spamming people to get new users.  You can block messages that contain phrase “” with an android app from the Play store that blocks text messages based on certain words you specify..

Call SMS Blocker for Android

spam text blocker


Download the text message blocker based on keywords you specify

☆ Call blocker & MMS blocker included
☆ Block SMS based on number/phrase, content word or even by Series
☆ See blocked SMS in ‘Logs’ with option to move to Inbox
☆ Export ‘Logs’ in Notepad format
☆ Fully customizable. Create your blocking/allowing preferences as you want
☆ Seamless Integration with phonebook, SMS inbox
☆ Most superior performance appears to offer a video texting service similar to how Snapchat offers a picture texting service.  That number spammed me from isn’t even in my contacts.

As for blocking this on iOS, you can use NumberCop app.

iOS spam text blocker NumberCop

NumberCop’s collaborative phone spam directory helps you avoid phone scams from unknown calls and text messages.

Number cop spam text blocker

– Search among 500.000 local and active phone scams
– Detect phishing links in received text messages
– Find marketing sender opt-out information
– Manage your Spam/Not Spam contacts
– Easily report new phone spam