GitHub Launches Stars Program for Developers

GitHub announces the Stars Program for developers. The service aims to highlight developers who ‘inspire, share knowledge and be influential’ and, among other things, give early access to new features.

Developers who have been elected to GitHub Stars will be able to provide feedback with that preview of new GitHub features. GitHub also invites them to consult with the GitHub team to ask questions and brainstorm. In addition, the company provides training materials and access to GitHub events, where they are eligible to be present as speakers.

GitHub calls on developers to nominate colleagues. These should be people who inspire and excel in education and knowledge sharing within GitHub projects and communities of developers. Nominations are reviewed by the GitHub team, but the company doesn’t make it clear on the basis of which developers can then be named Star. Once elected to Star, they can wear that title for a year.

GitHub must have selected a first group of Stars.