Generate an iPhone app for your website

Do you want convert your whole website into an app? If your website is responsively designed, then a user won’t even know the app they opened is actually a website. I made 3 apps for my 3 responsive websites using Appery is so easy to learn, you can make a splash screen for your app and more. Here is how to turn your whole website into an app and download the iOS app or Android app. All we need is a Javascript redirect to make the app itself. The only line of code in the whole app that you will make is this. window.location.replace(‘’);

The great thing is it can run it’s own Javascript inside the app which allows me to do this redirect trick.

1. Register for and create a new app. Get yourself familiarized with because I won’t go too much into how to use it, but I will teach you here how to make an app for your site.

appery tutorial website into app

2. After you start a new project, you can choose app icons and splash screen images from the appSettings page on the top left side, under projects. If you click iOS binary you will be able to upload images for splash screen and icons. Make sure you upload PNG or it won’t go anywhere.  Make sure you use transparent PNG image for icon to make app icon look great on mobile device.

3. On the left bottom side you will see a Javascript folder, go ahead and make a new Javascript code page and paste that code I showed you above (replace yourwebsitenamegoeshere with your actual website you want to make the web app for.


4. Anytime you do something make sure to hit save although I have noticed the web panel saves things for you automatically. Make sure to edit permissions and uncheck any permissions you don’t want the app to have for android.

You will notice your app size increase in megabytes as you add photos and other stuff and this is perfectly normal. Apps can reach big sizes so don’t be surprised.

You are now ready to export your app for iOS or Android as soon as you add your icons and splash images.  You can hit the test link on the top right corner to test your app on different screen sizes.  If your website is responsive, your app should display well on all device screen sizes automatically.    Below is a screenshot of the 3 apps I made for my websites Tech News app, Recipe Types app and Wise Baby Names app.   When you want to download the .IPA iOS version of the app from Appery, you gotta specify keys and certificates before you can download it.  The android APK doesn’t require you to specify keys or certificates.  Alternatively you could just use that does everything I just talked about instantly but for android only and it generates an apk online.  The downside to is you can only choose one of their icons.

making apps on