Flappy bird hacks and cheats

If the game is too hard for you, here are some cheats and a link to a Flappy bird hack tool.  there are a growing number of Flappy Bird cheats and hacks for iPhone and Android that let users get a fake Flappy Birds high score. What I do is that I avoid the top pipe since most people fail due to hitting top pipe frequently. Keep yourself clear of top pipe and you will get a higher score.
People are so obsessed with Flappy Bird they are breaking their phones with anger at losing. Just watch this video.

Consider reading Cammy’s article on Pipe Glitch hack which requires a Jailbroken iPhone, iPod, iPad etc.  Easy Steps For Pipe Glitch Hack On iPhone or iPad – Jailbreak Required


flappy bird hacks cheats

Flappy Bird hack tool by hack4us