Fix WordPress broken images after importing XML

You’ve imported your sites XML to restore your site but yet all images start showing up as broken.

Broken image fix

I initially could not figure out what was causing this but after some research I found out that the importer was adding an extra 1 before the extension in image urls inside posts that are imported. What I did to fix this issue was use the Search and Replace plugin.

You have to be careful with this search and replace plugin because it has the capability to mass modify posts or anything else in your WordPress DB.  PHPMYAdmin query can also do what Search and Replace does but it is easier to use search and replace. I fired up the Search and Replace plugin, and all I did was checkmark “Search in Content” and then typed “1.jpg” inside the Search For field.  Then in the Replace with field I just typed .jpg.  After I did this I have  that noticed all JPEG photos that were broken inside posts have started showing up again.  I did the same thing for PNG, GIF’s and JPEGs and I got all my images back.

Search for
Replaced with