Fix Windows 8 unable to connect to Wifi network

windows 8.1 sairplane mode connectivity issues
When you find that you can’t connect to any wireless networks or unable to enable the Wireless card in your laptop computer, it is most likely due to toggling back and forth between airplane mode. I just tried increasing brightness and I accidentally toggled airplane mode on and off a few times. After I did that toggling I found that I couldn’t see any Wifi signals to connect to the internet.

The fix for this is problem is to right click the bottom right corner wireless bars icon in Windows 8/8.1 and click on troubleshoot problems. When the troubleshooter presents you with 2 options, select the one that says “Apply this fix” and your wifi will start working again fine. You will finally be able to see signals again.

That airplane mode feature is really pointless as most people don’t use their laptops on airplanes. Turning off the wireless card while on a plane via Airplane mode toggle off is really pointless as it makes little difference with battery life. Microsoft is trying hard to make Windows 8 feel mobile. They want to give users that mobile experience that Apple and Android devices have given.