Fix slow laptop issues

Why is my system running slow?
fix slow laptop issues

Scanning and removing Malware-bytes will fix slow PC issues.
Weather you run a business online or you play online games with top of the line, and state of the art, computer, you can possibly run into problems of your PC running slow. Slow system computer fix, is what we sometimes need. I do everything online from business to pleasure so its very important that I stay on top of my computer performance. As we become more of a fiber optic society, we must educate ourselves about computers, software systems, and internet.

I love to play online games with my son. We interact in excitement, and facination, of graphics, and sound. Having a vent system running in the back ground makes it so much easier to communicate, then the ingame text chat. My son likes to listen to his online music while hes playing. Plus we have several online addons to make the game easier to understand. I ussually have a strategy guide web page, open behind the game so I can quickly look up the quest we are working on. What a sense of enthusiasm you get from accomplishing goals and achievements the game has to offer. I get so much enjoyment listening my sons voice going on about the game. We are interacting together online with enjoyment. i keep telling myself its just a game.

So when i noticed that my computer was running a bit slower then normal i was concerned. Not having that much knowledge i sought help through the technical support that comes with the PC. It seems that everything now days cost money. They told me my warrantee was up and they wanted money to extend it. So like the average american woman i reach for my pocket book paid for the warrantee, and had the support technition take control of my system. He did a normal check through the control panel and performed disk clean up, recommended that i defrag the computer and clean up disk space every week. Well that was done so i went on about my normal routines. I do alot of work on my PC. It is a very vital part of my business.

Well after weeks of disk cleanup my system was running slower then ever. It would take for ever to reboot, and open applications that were vital to my business. I was determined to diagnose the problem myself. i was running virus scans, thinking the worst, so i picked up the phone and called my brother. Him being a university graduate and majoring in computer science, i was desperate to seek knowledge about my fiber optic problems. He laughed at me and said “you use computers”, “oh boy”,. We both laughed together and talked for hours. I apologized for calling him a nerd when we were younger, and told him how proud i was over his education and basicaly begged him for his help on my problem.

Well in a short amount of time I learned alot. When you purchase a new computer, it comes with default settings so it can run properly. When you down load software and create files, it causes the system to take more time to perform properly. So then we clean up files and delete software that is not needed making the computer get further away from the default settings. In ways downloading and creating files then cleaning up and deleting software, can corrupt your registry and make your internal processor start chasing its tail. You give the computer a command and it obeys, even if you tell it to delete a vital part of its operating system. If a program that uses essential parts of system running standards gets deleted the computer deletes all of it. Not becuase it wanted to but, because you told it to do it. Now oviously you didnt mean to intentionally hurt your computer, you were performing actions that every day people do to prevent there computer from running slow. The biggest reason that a computer starts slowing down is too many programs running in the background. Not the programs you have running right now, like your web broswser or the applicatins on your task bar. im talking about all the other prgrams that you’ve downloaded that thought they had a right to be running while waiting for you to open the applicatins. I said to myself “how dare these programs”, running with out my permission. But since alot of programs use the same componants that the operating system they are in a processing line, like all the food sitting on a life time buffett table, waiting for you to stop by and grab a bite. You decide that you want sushi today and spagetti tommarrow. but the ramen noodles you had 6 months ago are still there. All this food is still there, running in the back ground waiting for you to come taste test what they have to offer today. These programs are using up all your computers availbale processing capablities, and will make your system freeze up. At one point in time when you downloaded the programs you gave it permission to run. What can we do about this?

Be aware of what your downloading and what permissions your giving each program. Its alot to learn the difference between a system program and programs we download for our personal use. And what uses what components. you can see whats running under your task manager process collum. Now what program to end process and what to keep running is for you to learn. Theres several downloadable programs to keep tabs on whats running and what should be running. Im currently in the test driving process of such programs. Im developing a personal relationship with my computer so that i dont delete any of its life lines or vital components. With research, trial, and error I will learn. I hope this gives you a bit more understanding about why your computer might be running slow and the steps you can take to prevent any future crashes.